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Steroids and Todays Players

Posted on: May 7, 2012 12:43 pm
I care about steroid use to a point. I believe as times change, things like this were bound to change. Do I have a problem with players taking supplements ?> No, Everything upgrades over time. I dont call it cheating. I think people who do are trying to hard to compare yesterdays players with todays. You cant do that. There is no comparison. Players today are physically stronger, faster and better. Remember for every 1 super star on a yester year team, there were several your teenage kid could out play. They just werent that good the farther back you go in time. They were not physically durable overall, like players today. Are for using steroid today, I do call abusing prescription drugs irresponsable. But, I know there are several types of substances that are legal but that MLB is banning. They should be allowed, prescription ones should be banned. Like it or not, thats just the way of the future. There will always be advances to improving your body. The old days and old ways are over and gone. Hall of fame players are different now. If you need to zero it out to a new hall of fame day one, go ahead, start the 90's as your new day 1. But sorry, the old days are gone, there is a new measuring stick we go by now. You cant compare new players with old players as hard as you want to and with as many bans as you want to. The past is generations apart. There is and no longer will be a way to compare your Miguel Carera/Albert Pujols with Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron. Players Physical makeups are very very different now. People just dont get it. Your trying to make the game what it was, but there is no way to do that. Everything is differnet down the the food,drink and vitamins we consume . To achieve human perfection today is generations ahead of the 1930's , 40's and 50's players. We just have to accept it and put a reasonable control on it by. Some substances just should be allowed. Note: I am an average non pro player, 46, by no means the peak of athleticism, other than vitamins, I dont take anything. I have watched players from the 60's through today play as well as tv shows of older players. I have seen the styles change over time. Things are different now, accept it
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